The title of this article is like the player it is written about. Nothing flashy, just solid and to the point. NC State’s Kevin Harmon is exactly that- a solid security blanket for Quarterbacks. After watching highlights and game film of him all I can say is I can’t find anything that really made me say “wow”. That being said, I also did not see any glaring deficiencies in his game either.

Standing 6’2” and weighing in at 221 LBS, NC State Junior Wide Receiver looks like he has a shot at a long NFL career. He isn’t the fastest Wide Receiver in this draft (4.6 second 40 yard dash) or strongest (18 bench reps), but what he lacks in his workouts he makes up for on the field, collecting 2,665 receiving yards in his 3 collegiate years.


2016 10 27 462 17.1 5
2017 13 69 1,017 14.7 4
2018 12 81 1,186 14.6 7
CAREER 27 177 2,665 15.1 16


The one trait that amazes me the most about Kelvin is his ability to adjust for poorly thrown passes, as from the film I watched, that seemed to be the specialty of QB Ryan Finley. He also tracks the ball well and is not afraid to get physical with defensive backs. I would love to see more of what he can do after the catch, but because a lot of passes were off cue, he either went out of bounds or was immediately tackled.

You can watch some Kelvin Harmon highlights here:


Playing in the ACC, Kelvin saw plenty of top tier competition, but could sometime time fizzle out. Last season, they payed Clemson and he was held to 2 catches for 13 yards. Couple that with the 4 catches for 37 yards vs. Florida State, and we might have a legitimate concern about his ability to play against higher competition, as in the NFL he will be playing against much better defensive backs. If he can find a way at the next level to use his hands and size against smaller defensive backs he can be a successful wide receiver.

I can’t quite get a gage on where Kelvin will land on draft weekend, but I feel like if he is taken in the 2nd or 3rd round he can have a chance to come in and be a productive player for a franchise. New England and Seattle are two Wide Receiver needy teams that could certainly use his help right away, but if he lands elsewhere, grab him and stash him on your taxi squad.

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