DRAFT CONDUCTED: 02.06.19–02.20.19 via Email Draft

Welcome back to my little reboot draft, ya dynasty padawans! If you’re reading this, I will assume you’ve already checked out part one. If not, you’re an odd duck and should really dig into that before this as that has not only the first three rounds, but also all of the contextual goodness detailing the scoring/members of this here league. Hit that back button, goofus!

Now, before we dive back into this big, bad draft, let’s run a quick, team-by-team recap on the picks in rounds one through three!

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THE GREAT ARCHITECT: Saquon, Juju, and Guice

ASSASSINS: McCaffrey, Conner, Kareem

FEED THE BEAST: Zeke, Julio, A. Jones

SBT1030: Gurley, A.B., Keenan

DANFF5B: Nuk, Dalvin, Evans


THE KOALAS: Gordon, Wilson, Kelce

LOS LUNAS TIGERS: Mahomes, Chubb, Ertz


CHRIS2123: OBJ, Deshaun, Le’Veon


PAUL LEARY: Mixon, Tyreek, Amari

As you can see, the first three rounds were pretty chalk. A couple of squads had to make up some ground in rounding out their roster after some interesting home run cuts in the first three. Some of them did their best to manipulate the startup via some wild trading action and hack their way back, but one team owner took a pretty unique route. Johann Sebastian Coch decided to forgo several of his startup picks (starting in the sixth) for picks in the rookie draft as we determined that draft’s order by allowing TO’s to select a retired player to represent that pick. He ended up with three first-rounders, two seconds, and a third! I really enjoyed divvying up picks in this manner (as opposed to dumping the rookies into the startup player pool) and strongly suggest it for those in any dynasty startup, give it a shot and let me know what ya think!

Now that we’ve got that bit of housekeeping buttoned up, it’s time to bullseye some womprats. 

Let’s get to it!

 — ROUND 4 — 

  1. Sony Michel, RB17 NE (PLE)
  2. Adam Thielen, WR13 MIN (JSC)
  3. Leonard Fournette, RB18 JAX (C21)
  4. Robert Woods, WR14 LAR (FFM)
  5. Phillip Lindsay, RB19 DEN (LLT)
  6. T.Y. Hilton, WR15 IND (KOA)
  7. Derrick Henry, RB20 TEN (TSS)
  8. Baker Mayfield, QB6 CLE (F5B)
  9. O.J. Howard, TE4 TB (SBT)
  10. Kenny Golladay, WR16 DET (FTB)
  11. A.J. Green, WR17 CIN (ASN)
  12. Brandin Cooks, WR18 LAR (ASN)

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As the RB1 room starts to empty, seeing Michel fall off the board at the top here was pretty unsurprising as PLE wisely secured his second RB to pair with Mixon. If Tyreek manages to stay on the field this year, a la ‘17 Zeke, then his skill position core should be fairly strong. 

Really loved F5B working in Baker here as this draft was conducted prior to OBJ joining the Browns. Tremendous value spike here (Baker went 1.03 in the SF TE premium mock on the Patreon, hot damn!) Dude now has Nuk, Dalvin, and Evans to go along with his new signal caller, just nasty. 

My boy, Perry (aka ASN), saw his trade return from the previous article take shape in the form of Brandin Cooks, whom he paired with A.J. Green. Cooks is certainly a fun guy to watch in that McVay offense, but is a better bet in a best ball. I’d say Green still has plenty of value in this format with the emphasis being to win ASAP and, of course, back-to-back championships. People tend to fade him due to injury concern, but he still managed 6 TDs in an anemic offense with his seven game absence. More on his crew later.

Hard to pass this nastiness up, my friends. Scoop him and run!

I had a hard time passing up my main squeeze, Cooper Kupp, here, but held out some hope that he’d make it back to me in the fifth. Bobby Woods has been a consistent, steady badass with LA and I felt I needed that stabilizing force in my WR1 after neglecting the position in the first three rounds. Always important to have a guy with an upper WR2 floor who can crack 20 on any given Sunday, so I was happy to give Woods a loving home on my roster.

 — ROUND 5 — 

  1. Corey Davis, WR19 TEN (TGA)
  2. Damien Williams, RB21 KC (ASN)
  3. Marlon Mack, RB22 IND (FTB)
  4. Devonta Freeman, RB23 ATL (SBT)
  5. Carson Wentz, QB7 PHI (F5B)
  6. Matt Ryan, QB8 ATL (TSS)
  7. Chris Carson, RB24 SEA (KOA)
  8. Cooper Kupp, WR20 LAR (LLT)
  9. Calvin Ridley, WR21 ATL (FFM)
  10. Tarik Cohen, RB25 CHI (KOA)
  11. Jared Goff, QB9 LAR (JSC)
  12. Jimmy Garoppolo, QB10 SF (PLE)


Sooooo my brother, LLT, sniped Kupp from me. I had him in our home redraft league last year where he won and I finished just short of him, so he got a good look as to how much of a force that little slot man can be. Freeman and Mack also got snatched up by the dudes who earned the early firsts, slick move by the two of em for surrrrre. 

*quick pop* Had to wash that feeling down with a Capital Brewing Supper Club Pale Lager, smooooooooth as silk

Maybe a somewhat unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Carson much at all and, correspondingly, have zero shares of him. Not that I’m a big fan of Penny, but I feel like they’ll both eat into each other’s workload enough for me to want to avoid them altogether.

Having solidified my WR1 with the high floor of Woods, I felt safe working with Ridley’s potential upside slotting in my WR2 spot. He’s definitely a better buy in best ball formats, but I really like the prospects for the Falcons offense in 2019, especially with their first 9 games happening indoors. If Ryan had fallen, I probably would have gone with him and moved him at some point midseason- juice that orrrrrange, ya know? But I’m really pleased with how my team is rounding out.

 — ROUND 6 — 

  1. Dak Prescott, QB11 DAL (PLE)
  2. 2019 ROOKIE PICK 1.01 (Kyler Murray, QB12 ARI) (JSC)
  3. Cam Newton, QB13 CAR (C21)
  4. Mitchell Trubisky, QB14 CHI (FFM)
  5. Philip Rivers, QB15 LAC (LLT)
  6. Kirk Cousins, QB16 MIN (KOA)
  7. Allen Robinson, WR22 CHI (TSS)
  8. Hunter Henry, TE5 LAC (F5B)
  9. Jameis Winston, QB17 TB (SBT)
  10. Lamar Jackson, QB18 BAL (FTB)
  11. Jerick McKinnon, RB26 SF (TGA)
  12. Tyler Lockett, WR23 SEA (TGA)

Hubba, hubba!

Here comes another QB run! With Handsome Jim (Garoppolo) and Goff falling off the board at the tail end of the previous round, the race to find your QB2 (heck, QB1 in some cases) was certainly on. I was thrilled to throw Mitchell on my squad as I like him quite a bit heading into his second year under Nagy. I don’t expect 2017 Alex Smith level production, but the Chicago offense certainly has shades reminiscent of that badass Chiefs team.

We see that aforementioned rookie pick strategy kick off for JSC, essentially taking Murray ahead of the likes of Cam and Mitch. I think I’ll give those two the edge for now as Kyler is obviously unproven, but with the draft capital alone I like this move quite a bit. Hoping for the sake of my David Johnson share that he pans out.

TGA took an interesting pivot in the wake of this QB flurry and bit hard on McKinnon. Bummer for him as the Coleman signing happened not long after the draft. I’m sure TGA would love that pick back, but that’s the risk we run when drafting so early. Fight the itch, people!

 — ROUND 7 — 

  1. Ben Roethlisberger, QB19 PIT (TGA)
  2. Drew Brees, QB20 NO (ASN)
  3. Jarvis Landry, WR24 CLE (FTB)
  4. D.J. Moore, WR25 CAR (SBT)
  5. Tevin Coleman, RB27 SF (F5B)
  6. Courtland Sutton, WR26 DEN (TSS)
  7. Jordan Howard, RB28 PHI (KOA)
  8. Tyler Boyd, WR27 CIN (LLT)
  9. Darius Leonard, LB1 IND (FFM)
  10. Alshon Jeffery, WR28 PHI (C21)
  11. Tom Brady, QB21 NE (ASN)
  12. Kenyan Drake, RB29 MIA (PLE)

Luckily for the likes of Perry (ASN), the old-timers Brees and Brady were left on the heap thanks to their advanced age. Normally wouldn’t love the move, but those two do get a slight bump with our empire format. Brees’ drop in performance at the end of last season is certainly troubling, but we’ve done that dance before and he’s as likely as anyone to bounce back yet again.

We all know Tommy’s really the guy under the mask.

F5B definitely walked into a fortuitous situation in scooping up Coleman here, lucky duck. Anyone with half a brain can draw the straight line between him and Shanahan. He was most certainly on my radar at this point and felt the need to pivot after he was snagged just a few picks ahead of me.

That pivot came in the form of the first IDP off the board, Maniac Leonard! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of knowing your scoring system and the top LBs scored about as much as any top-10 QB, with his lowest point total at 14 against the Jets. Hell, he dropped two 40-burgers in a row last year! Having that advantage in your lineup is truly key and I was thrilled to jump on the chance.

Don’t forget about this bad mamma-jamma on any down, let alone third, beau!

 — ROUND 8 — 

  1. Evan Engram, TE6 NYG (PLE)
  2. Josh Allen, QB22 BUF (JSC)
  3. Eric Ebron, TE7 IND (C21)
  4. Mike Williams, WR29 LAC (FFM)
  5. Julian Edelman, WR30 NE (LLT)
  6. Chris Godwin, WR31 TB (C21)
  7. Royce Freeman, RB30 DEN (TSS)
  8. Mark Ingram II, RB31 BAL (F5B)
  9. Derek Carr, QB23 OAK (SBT)
  10. Matthew Stafford, QB24 DET (FTB)
  11. Sam Darnold, QB25 NYJ (TGA)
  12. Sammy Watkins, WR32 KC (TGA)

Another pretty chalk round with some more wild hacking by a couple of TOs here. I hope for the best for TGA with some pretty risky moves on Darnold and Watkins. Sammy has all the chances in the world as a KC lamp and with a few good games could more than return on his late eighth value here, but the possibility of turning into a cloud of dust is all too real.

Ahhhhhh, the halcyon days.

Royce over Ingram feels wrong to me, but some folks really love him for some reason? He had my interest piqued last offseason and the metrics community has been all over him and his 1.28 yards created/carryyyyyy (read in Jay Wayne’s twitter voice), but I would take Ingram 1000 times over the sophomore DEN RB.

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I recently read a great article by Jacob Trowbridge of the Fantasy Knuckleheads cautioning Mike Williams truthers on overvaluing him. Seeing him shoot up as high as the fifth in some drafts, I wholeheartedly agree with their sentiment. But having him drop to me in the eighth? I’ll happily pounce on that. The Kelvin Benjamin comps floating around are certainly frightening, but his name cache alone was worth it for me to invest here and I’m not married to him, so at the very least I have that asset to move later in the season.

Welp, that’s about all the space I have here! Thanks for kicking it with me on this Kessel Run of a draft, hope y’all have been enjoying it. As always, you can find me on Twitter @DARTH_EWL I’m always down to talk dynasty with ya. Please take the time to check out our other killer writers here in the FFDynasty family- Aaron Yakel, Jeffrey Abercrombie, and Michael Bower. Those cats are all brilliant, well spoken, and dreamy as fuck (probably). And if ya haven’t become a Patron of the wonderful podcast yet, what are ya waiting for?? Go on and show Casey, Big Co, and Jay Wayne some of that love and help us make our community the best in dynasty football! 

Stay tuned for my next (and last) installment of this draft recap and find out how I fucked up pretty royally and the importance of reading your scoring/roster requirements CAREFULLY before you draft. May the force be with you!

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