DRAFT CONDUCTED: 02.06.19–02.20.19 via Email Draft

Welcome, friends and dynasty fantasy-errrrs! It’s been a blue moon kind of year for one 12-team home league as their world is shaken up and an empire has been achieved. What is an empire, might you ask? No, no, nothing to do with the Force and I don’t see any dudes wearing togas wandering through here. Okay, that’s just a frat boy with a Natty Ice, he doesn’t count. THIS is one of the newer spins on our cherished dynasty football leagues. I’ll go into more detail with that elsewhere, but in short it’s your regular dynasty league (with whatever quirky rules you already have in place) but with the twist that if the same team owner wins two years in a row, the whole dang thing resets. This isn’t necessarily better than any other style of league, just keeps teams fresh and team owners more engaged. It also DRASTICALLY changes how you draft in a startup.

Before we take a peek under the bed sheet here, let’s go over how this particular league is run. Ya know, context and shit.


*quick pop* (Third Space Brewing, MKE “Happy Place Midwest Pale Ale”)

League Details: 12 teams, FleaFlicker, email snake draft, super flex, full defense of IDPs (DL, LB, DB, 2 FLEX), and is experiencing its first reboot after back to back championships by some guy named Matt who hit it (twice) and quit it. Draft order decided by 2018 NFL Playoff Challenge standings (I bet hard on the Saints and Colts like a damn fool). Fun side note: This group was actually founded and formed through the Fantasy Life App! Say what you will about Berry, this community is actually pretty open, communicative, and has led to so many opportunities for me and so many others. Everything between league openings/formation, to chances to write and get my voice out, to some pretty solid memes. While we let that Patreon community build up here, I’d suggest you check them out and maybe even help us build it by showing folks you meet the FFDynasty Pod!

Scoring: Point per reception, .25 point per carry, 6 points per passing TD, -2 points per interception, -1 per fumble (-1 per fumble lost additionally), 1 point per 25 kick/punt return yards, 6 points for a special teams TD, 1 point per assisted tackle, 2 points for solo tackles, 4 points per interception, etc.

Draft order: The Great Architect (TGA), ASSASSINS (ASN), Feed the Beast (FTB), SBT1030 (SBT), Dan Ff5B (F5B), Truffle Shuffle Supremes (TSS), The Koalas (KOA), Los Lunas Tigers (LLT), Ferschy Fersch and the Munkey Munch (team I adopted and promptly switched the first letters, why am I like this?)(FFM), Chris2123 (C21), Johann Sebastian Coch (JSC), Paul Leary* (PLE) — My picks will be in BOLD.

Quick Note: Know that this draft was definitely conducted early in the season due to a lot of league members getting the itch to just do the damn thing. Some of us walked out with tremendous value (Odell, Coleman) while others saw some hopeful prospects get squished (McKinnon but kind of thank god, Eli McGuire pour one out). We can enjoy the hindsight from our current perspective, but knowing what we did in February, I think most of us did a pretty alright job avoiding getting bit too badly.

*Probably not this guy, but ya never know!

Alright, folks! Let’s dive into the wild sea (sometimes of money!) that is Empire Dynasty Football! To keep things somewhat short, I’ll break this up into bite size pieces and start with Rounds 1–3. Just a liiiiiiiitle taste, my friends. Let’s start an Empire!

— ROUND 1 — 

  1. Saquon Barkley, RB1 NYG (TGA)
  2. Christian McCaffrey, RB2 CAR (ASN)
  3. Ezekiel Elliott, RB3 DAL (FTB)
  4. Todd Gurley, RB4 LAR (SBT)
  5. DeAndre Hopkins, WR1 HOU (F5B)
  6. Alvin Kamara, RB5 NO (TSS)
  7. Melvin Gordon, RB6 LAC (KOA)
  8. Patrick Mahomes, QB1 KC (LLT)
  9. Andrew Luck, QB2 IND (FFM)
  10. Odell Beckham Jr., WR2 CLE (C21)
  11. Davante Adams, WR3 GB (JSC)
  12. Joe Mixon, RB7 CIN (PLE)

Pretty cut and dry for the first round. Being a super flex league, a top flight QB is necessary, especially if I want to be competitive in back to back years, which is the goal of this style of league. I’ve seen QBs evaporate in a single turn after feeling safe and smart with my skill position depth in the early rounds. I had Mahomes in the back of my mind leading up to my pick, so Los Lunas snagging him right before me sounded the alarms. Also pretty glad to be avoiding that messy KC situation right about now and might be a bit nervous about Mahomes surviving, let alone thriving, with so many pieces having already left and Tyreek acting a fool- he’s damn good with those no-look passes, but not a lot of great QBs can rebound from such immediate losses in supporting cast.

My favorite RB targets had already fallen off the board and there were a few great options available off the turn, so I had to have some of that ol’ neckbeard in my life. Being a prominently bearded gentleman myself, maybe I can give him some advice on some oils and maintenance techniques. I really liked what they were doing as he built that shoulder up and tore some defenses apart. I also love Deon Cain getting real work in with him after spending his rookie season rehabbing, poor dude. More on him later. Big fan of that Parris Campbell as well- not a bad idea to get some pieces of this sick nasty offense early on.

C’mon, player, at least get some conditioner in your life!


— ROUND 2 — 

  1. Tyreek Hill, WR4 KC (PLE)
  2. Michael Thomas, WR5 NO (JSC)
  3. Deshaun Watson, QB3 HOU (C21)
  4. David Johnson, RB8 ARI (FFM)
  5. Nick Chubb, RB9 CLE (LLT)
  6. Le’Veon Bell, RB10 NYJ (C21)
  7. Aaron Rodgers, QB4 GB (TSC)
  8. Dalvin Cook, RB11 MIN (F5B)
  9. Antonio Brown, WR6 OAK (SBT)
  10. Julio Jones, WR7 ATL (FTB)
  11. James Conner, RB12 PIT (ASN)
  12. JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR8 PIT (TGA)

We saw our first trade involving startup picks as Chris2123 angled to double dip in the second round, turning his 2020 first and his third and fifth rounders in the draft into Deshaun via The Koalas. Pretty slick maneuver, if ya ask me! He also netted an eighth rounder, so all in all a fantastic value for him.

A reckless part of me was really hoping Thomas would drop a couple more picks and make it into my loving arms, but the responsible me was happy to bring in a solid RB1 with some interesting upside. I think if I were to make the pick again, truth be told, I would go Chubb over DJ but I’m certainly not disappointed with my core here. Enter Kliff Kingsbury, a whole slew of shiny new WRs, oh and Kylerrrrrrr. 2019 is going to be a helluva season for the redbirds offense. Buy the ticket, take the ride!

Gotta get that Panther a blanket too, good night!

As has been repeated by every fantasy outlet, Kareem Hunt isn’t a threat for playing time in Cleveland’s backfield for 8 games to start the year, so scoop up that Nick Chubb wherever you can and don’t look back. It’s definitely worth a shot to make an offer for him, but there’s a very good chance that Chubb owner is fending everyone else in the league off with a stick, likely driving up the price even higher than before. I tried to work a deal with Los Lunas, thinking I had a shot with him being my brother-in-law, but it’ll cost more than blood to get him right now.

Needed a shit beer then and need another now, still got some heartache after letting Chubb slip through my fingers like a dang fool.

*quick pop* (PBR because I’m a shameless Milwaukee boy)

James Conner is an interesting subject at this point in the draft. I mean, he crushed it at times throughout the year and didn’t exactly fade down the stretch, though he did succumb to an ankle injury for a few weeks. I’m just leery of trusting him with that RB2 spot right off the rip and I’m a big time Benny believer. We also have to consider what this Steelers offense will look like in Life A.A.B. and whether they can continue moving the ball as effectively as they’ve grown accustomed to over the years employing the best active WR in the NFL. JuJu is an incredible player in his own right, but Brown was truly a force of nature as predictable as the seasons (maybe more predictable than the weather now, GW ya know?) and no offense loses that spoon that stirs the soup without taking at least a step back. Look at the Packers without Nelson last year. Look at the Rams when they lost Kupp. Conner is a nice, talented back but I wouldn’t feel satisfied with my RB situation at that point and would need to have a solid RB1 leading up to this (thankfully, he does) or feel the heat to take a home run cut at RB on my next pick. Oddly enough, that’s exactly what happened, more on that in the next round.

Every. Damn. Dropback. Crossing my fingers on Tytus and Scharping for ya boy.

We saw two more QBs come off the board here in Deshaun and Rodgers, which certainly makes sense as both are wizards on the field. In keeping track here, Deshaun was paired with Odell which is interesting as it’s hard to come by a firrrrrrm RB1 even at this point. Still not a bad move, though- just need some risky RBs to hit in the next few rounds. I loved the Rodgers with Kamara one two punch as you have a good shot at 60 points from your first two picks any given week with an upside for 80–90. Nasty. As a mega Packer fan, I hope Rodgers does get back to that point, but I have a hard time investing so heavily in an older QB in the event this league carries on for a few years, since we haven’t a blue chip, can’t miss QB prospect in sight for the next couple of seasons. At least nothing like we’ve been spoiled with recently. Remember, the goal here is to win two years in a row.

— ROUND 3 — 

  1. Darrius Guice, RB13 WAS (TGA)
  2. Kareem Hunt, RB14 CLE (ASN)
  3. Aaron Jones, RB15 GB (FTB)
  4. Keenan Allen, WR9 LAC (SBT)
  5. Mike Evans, WR10 TB (F5B)
  6. Stefon Diggs, WR11 MIN (TSC)
  7. Russell Wilson, QB5 SEA (KOA)
  8. Zach Ertz, TE1 PHI (LLT)
  9. Kerryon Johnson, RB16 DET (FFM)
  10. Travis Kelce, TE2 KC (KOA)
  11. George Kittle, TE3 SF (JSC)
  12. Amari Cooper, WR12 DAL (PLE)

*quick pop* (My last Santa Fe Brewing, NM “7k IPA” they are freaking delicious and right around 7%, ooo daddy!) If you’re ever in ABQ, get yourself a tall boy immediately.

Really loved that Guice snag at the top of this round, giving T2C a badass pair of second year RBs in Saquon and Darrius with a little J-Ju mixed in there. Love that youth movement as you keep in mind that, while this is dynasty, you want to be making moves for the short term as well. Some people will sit on one side of the rookie/old dawg fence or the other often times but those are pretty dang safe picks for reaping the benefits of both schools of thought.

Here we see some big name TEs start to fly. I do quite like having that weekly advantage at that required slot, but it’s no slam dunk that Ertz or Kelce (brought in from that aforementioned trade) play 16 games any given year and if I’m going to take a risk so early in the draft, it’s on an RB or WR, not an at times nominal upgrade at a replaceable position like tight end. Kittle is certainly a fun guy to watch, but still too rich for my blood. Remember, this isn’t a TE premium situation.

Cooper is an interesting case as he’s still sooooooooo dang young and looked locked in at times with Dak while learning the offense on the fly last year following that midseason trade. I’m sure the best is yet to come with that bad man after posting at least double digits in 7 of his 11 games with the Cowboys. Throw in that near 40-burger and 50-bomb, you’ve got yourself a stud, baby.

It was curious to see the same guy who snagged McCaffrey and Conner dip into that RB well once more and reel in Hunt as we drafted shortly after the news of his release from the Chiefs was dropped. I get building strength on strength and them boys on the pod love that RB clubbing, but I think this was a swing and a miss with Kerryon, Jones, and Sony (in that order, especially with Damien Harris joining that RB party in NE) still on the board at this point. Maybe he comes back like a fiend and catches on with another team or he and Chubb work out a solid division of work, but I’m not gambling an early 3rd rounder on that. Maybe I’m just risk averse as heck.

In other news, Kerryon fell to me and I shit myself with joy. SCOOP!

Same, dawg, same

Alllllllrighty then, mes amis, it’s been a pleasurrrrre talking through these early rounds here with ya. I look forward to writing for ya again and I’m always happy to chat with ya on Twitter @DARTH_ERICH (Empire League, ya know?). Be sure to rate the pod if you haven’t already and check out the rest of the kickass writers Casey, Big Co, and Jay Wayne brought together on this happy little website!

Much love, catch ya later!