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Trade I am offered ...
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Trade I am offered during Rookie Draft  


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I had the 1.06 in my 10 Team 0.5 PPR Rookie Draft and selected the best RB still available, Nick Chubb (I also happen to owe Du Johnson JR).  Guice went off at 1.10.  I offered the Guice owner my first rounder in 2019 and my current 2.06 to acquire Guice and pop him in my IR slot for the year.  He countered with the following:

- I’d give up 1st round draft pick 2019, my current 2.06 and I Crowell 


- Guice and C Hyde

Am I missing something in this trade? It feels like a slam dunk for me. I’d have the whole Brown’s backfield which is a little scary but can start whoever emerges.

My current RBs are M Gordon, J Mixon, I Crowell, J McKinnon, Du Johnson, T Coleman, M Breida, N Chubb. 

Whay are your thoughts? 



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well seems like you have a nice stable of backs, if you have some decent WRs you can drive down that 19' 1st to a mid to late and really stick it to this guy. Guice is worth that 1st all day long for me and you can get the free roster spot all year when you place him on IR.

As far as the browns backfield is concerned, I don't love owning all three and clogging up your bench and possibly not knowing which one to start week to week.We've said before we think it will be Carlos and or Duke but you who knows. which is the only reason I have any hesitation what so ever 

On the flip side of that Carlos will be useful to some degree this year even if it isn't workhorse like. Either way  he has an out after this year which they will probably take so you can put Chubb on your Taxi squad until his usage is where you want it then next year it will Chubb and Duke in CLE with Carlos going somewhere else and probably being a starter in your lineup once again so I think this a trade I would def press the accept button on 

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I would accept this trade as well.  I'm all in trying to get Guice at a discount this year, and I don't hate owning the whole Cleveland backfield.  The offensive line is solid, Tyrod's legs put stress on the defense and helps the backs and they've been able to run the ball all preseason long.  All 3 backs are capable and yes it might be a headache sometimes from week to week but if any of them were to get injured the other 2 would be startable...regardless Duke should be startable even if everyone is healthy and Hyde should be very useful this year as well.  Then next year if Hyde moves on you really make out and also have Guice on top of that.  So I'm accepting this trade for surrre