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Startup draft results  


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Hey guys! I tried to follow a similarly strategy of taking rb heavy approach and just securing only a few solid WR1. I don’t think I faired that poorly, but rbs went quick in the dynasty. I have no idea how you was able to lock in such top end talent through the third and fourth round. I’ll post my offensive players and spare you the IDP portion. My strategy was to fill up my flex then go for back ups that I thought had the highest upside. 2rb 2wr 2flex .5pt ppr

Brady, Barkley, D. Cook, Fitzgerald, Hilton, J Graham, T Coleman, Ker Johnson, Powell, Blount, J. Conner, Ekler, McGuire, A Morris, Edelman, Enunwa, Stills, White, Seals-Jones, Alex Smith, Teddy Bridgewater.

Thanks again for the videos and I hope to be following along your podcast all season!

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Hey man thanks for the kind words, glad you're enjoying the show and we thank you for your support!  Its true the mock drafts done by computers don't accurately represent the heaviness with which people are drafting RBs in the real world.  That being said this is a very solid looking startup man, love the first 2 RBs you grabbed...then obviously I love the Coleman & K Johnson additions later (may have to wait a year for them to reach full potential but this really sets you up nicely moving forward).  Then you can mitigate the present with that Morris & Powell additions.  Solid looking WRs as well I can tell you follow along with the show nice work & again man thanks for the support!

-Jay Wayne